Community Security Patrol

BellCommunity Security Patrol is a philosophy, management style, and organizational strategy that promotes pro-active problem-solving. The main duties of Community Security Patrols are to:

  • Deter crime through presence and active response
  • Liaise with Business owners
  • Educate businesses on potential security risks
  • Make recommendations to BIA businesses to enhance their safety and security
  • Work in partnership with the:
  • RCMP
  • Community Safety Officers (Special Constables)
  • Bylaws
  • Business community
  • Detailed reporting of all activities submitted to the BIA daily, allowing accurate statistics to be kept
  • Report all criminal activity to our policing partners.

store1All efforts are part of a larger plan to create an environment of safety and confidence in the community we work in.
Community Security act as problem solvers in the downtown core. Problems are quickly identified and solutions are quickly put in place. Weather the problem in question is criminal, antisocial, or of a safety nature, Community Security Officers are equipped and trained to find effective solutions that promote a safe environment for business and pleasure.

The S.A.R.A. system of effective response is as follows:

  • Scanning: Problems are identified
  • Analysis: Questions are asked to learn everything possible about the problem
  • Response: Based on careful analysis, a custom made response to the problem is tried
  • Assessment: The response is evaluated to see if the problem was solved