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Westridge Security: Keeping an eye on the community

The days of leaving your family home unlocked while you run downtown are long gone.

Security can protect your home or business when you’re not there. John started his security career in 2003 in Maple Ridge.

“I was working for another security fi rm, but only as a static guard. It was not performing as it should, so I was hired from that company to work in-house for another. I later started my own security company. As the years went by, we grew very quickly and began providing mobile patrols to commercial and residential clients. We are now the one-stop shop for security.”

Westridge Security is constantly upgrading its technology, keeping pace by supplying the most up to date alarm systems and cameras available. “The cameras we are installing now are HD, three mega pixels, in most cases a higher defi nition than you have on your home television.” John explains the importance of capturing a clear image.

“The older cameras provided the police with a grey, grainy image that made it difficult to use as an identifi cation tool. Recently, one of our clients had a breakin at night. Even in the dark, we provided the police a sharp, clear image that resulted in the apprehension of the burglars.” “We recently hired a ful-ltime service technician with 25 years’ experience in the security business. This gives us the ability to design and service our systems in-house, which is also a cost savings for our clients.”

Having experience in the fi eld, John had noted that some of the contracts and monitoring agreements people had in place were less than customer friendly.

“When customers sign up with us, they pay $19.95 a month. We don’t ask them to sign a long-term contract. For that, we install and monitor the
equipment with a lifetime warranty and respond when alerted,” he said. “We have over 30 staff and we hire local people. Our people are customer- oriented, friendly and compassionate. We know we are dealing with people’s homes and lives and we take that seriously,” he added.

“Our people know the area, which decreases response time. They know what is happening in the community. By monitoring locally there is no long delay in dispatching.”

Westridge has a close relationship with the RCMP and many of the security company’s staff are seeking law enforcement careers. “They are very knowledgeable in all areas of security and they want to ensure that this community is a safe place to live.” Westridge Security also works closely with the business community.

“We work with the local BIA and monitor much of the core area. Our fees are very acceptable to someone starting up a new business. They already have a lot

We see new clients every year and that is largely from the good reviews and testimonials we receive from our long term customers.

of start-up costs, and by not having to purchase expensive security equipment and tie into a long term contract, our service provides them with a service they otherwise may not have installed.” Westridge Security is the lead security agency in the area. It not only provides alarm installation service, but sells cameras
and security equipment from its store.

In addition, Westridge provides static guards, for malls or construction sites, mobile patrols and provides a Home Watch program that will drive by and monitor your home if you are away on vacation.

Recently, Westridge Security has added drone surveillance to its list of services. “We have been using the drones mostly at the request of customers who have large tracts of agricultural land or commercial building complexes,” John explains.
“The drones have very high defi nition forward looking infrared imaging systems technology, and this allows us to make passes over the area, take a bird’s eye view and check for damage or vandalism in less time than doing it on foot and less expensive than hiring a fixed wing aircraft. We then provide the client with the video or still shots taken from the air.”

Current privacy laws prevent the use of drone activity in residential areas, but Westridge has applications for search and rescue and other emergency services.
“Right now we charge per fl ight, but we certainly see a future for drone surveillance in the commercial sector.” John sums it up by saying they are proud to be protecting their neighbours. “We are the community’s one stop for home security, we do it all and we keep our eyes on our community.”

Source: 2015 Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows: THE NEWS, Community Market Place